3 thoughts on “Track me

  1. Anna Sellén

    Följer och sponsrar…för min vän som har levt med cancer så länge och för min far som nyligen diagnosticerats med KML, en form av leukemi. Tack för din insats!

  2. Pania Parry

    dear Helena – Pania here, who you met at Makahika Outdoor Centre. I have been thinking about you on and off and sending you good vibes. I’m not sure if you got my earlier message? I still think you’re amazing! and you should be So proud of your achievements – it’s an amazing feat. You’ve inspired me to do it, seriously. I need to do a little research, and training 😉 but I know it would be life-changing for me too.
    If you get this message, and only when you find the time, could you let me know the best way to keep in touch.
    Keep on keeping on love,
    Kia kaha (stay strong)
    E aroha nui, Pania xO


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