North Island – check!!!

I’ve made it to Wellington and the North Island is DONE! Can’t believe I’ve walked 1700 kilometers..!

I cried the last kilometer out of happiness, exhaustion and relief, and I’m so thankful that my body (and all of you following me!) has been with me all the way… I have 1300 kilometers to go, but to finish the North Island is a HUGE milestone along the way. 


Island Bay.

I’m sorry for not being as good as I thought I would be at posting on my blog along the way, it’s just so many other things to focus on…like surviving and try to keep my head up (and a smile on my face). Follow me on Instagram (@helenateodora) for more frequent updates.

I’m also hugely thankful and almost speechless for already raising over SEK 105000 to Cancerfonden (the Swedish cancer foundation). THANK YOU, it means a lot to me!!! 

This afternoon, I’m leaving for the South Island and on Wednesday I’ll start Queen Charlotte Track – which is a “Great Walk” here in New Zealand. I’m looking forward to the south, its mountains and stunning views but I would lie if I said I’m not a bit nervous…I have a huge respect for Mother Nature. Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will stay good…snow can fall in any season down there.

The challenging Tararua Ranges. More of this to come on the South Island…


5 thoughts on “North Island – check!!!

  1. klaus

    Well done. You are a very tough person. We follow you with great admiration and are looking forwar to hear from you.

  2. Vikki

    Hi Helena. I’ve just discovered the Te Araroa trail and thinking of starting it Oct/Nov this year. It’s great to read your blog, looking forward to reading all about the South Island :-)


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