Hello South Island…

Helena   24 January, 2016   4 Comments on Hello South Island…

I’ve tasted the South Island…it’s as bittersweet as the rest of Te Araroa. Harder than you could ever imagine and more beautiful than in your wildest dreams. I love it.


Leaving the North Island…

The Queen Charlotte Track was a beautiful and easy warmup for what’s to come…the majestic Richmond Ranges. 


Queen Charlotte Track.


Richmond Ranges.

Steep uphill hiking. Steep downhill sliding. Countless river crossings and constantly wet feet. Narrow trail with adrenaline rushing through my body. Windy summits and beautiful ridge walking. Heavy rain and harsh, hot sun. Boulder climbing and slippery rocks. Pouring sweat and tears of exhaustion. But I made it. I conquered my fears and I made it out to St Arnaud and a well earned day off.


Follow the markers…


Tussock in the wind.

  1941 kilometers are done and tomorrow, I’m off to Nelson Lake National Park together with my hiker buddies Stevie and Jackie from the US and Jamie from Australia. Another week in the wilderness awaits and I can’t wait! Are you still with me!?

Swingbridges…swingbridges everywhere.


4 thoughts on “Hello South Island…

  1. Helena FREEDOMtravel

    Vet inte om kommentaren kom fram? Kolla skräpposten… (Och godkänn gärna, så jag kan kommentera nästa gång)

    Vi följer på avstånd! Fantastisk, imponerande och inspirerande resa!

  2. gRanen

    Sover Dolly Parton på rygg, som Jalvemyr skulle ha sagt. Klart som korvspad som Astrid säkert skulle kunna sagt… Inga konstigheter, så att säga som baRrvaRgen uttrycker det.
    Med dig. Alltid.

  3. Rob Cross

    Great to hear you made it safely through the Richmond Ranges! You won’t strike anything more challenging. I was thinking of you last week when the rain came, hoping you were sheltering safely somewhere. I was back in the Tararua Ranges yesterday and met five more Te Araroa walkers coming out to Mangaone, all tired but exhilerated – they’d had an easier time than you. I hope you enjoyed Nelson Lakes, an area I know and love.
    All the best.


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