Almost halfway through…

It’s been awhile. My frequency when it comes to updating my blog is…non existing, I’m sorry for that (for you wanting updates more often, follow me on Instagram: @helenateodora). Anyhow, I’m almost halfway through Te Araroa, I’ve soon been walking 1500 kilometers. Can’t believe it.


Just another stream crossing…

Since my last update from the sleepy day in Te Kuiti, a lot have happened. I’ve been walking through more mud in the Pureora Forest Park and met a lot of lovely people.


Me, cancer researcher Bill and his wife.

 I’ve done my second 50k(!) day together with Tom, an American guy who did the Appalachian Trail a couple of years ago…and we came across 11 year old Sam’s shop with lollies and water just beside the road when we needed it the most.


Tom at Sam’s shop on our way to Taumarunui.

I’ve done the Tongariro Crossing, one of New Zealand’s great walks and one of my best and most beautiful days along the trail so far. Mount Ngauruhoe is famous from the Lord of the rings movie, where it acted as Mount Doom.


On top of the red crater in front of Mount Doom.

I’ve scratched my leg even worse than before and I’ve let it heal along a 5 days and 170 kilometers long canoe trip on the Whanganui River, where I also celebrated Christmas first on the 24th with a torrential rainfall and then the Maori way on the 25th with a powhiri where I sang a Christmas song for the entire camp with my new friend Neil.


On the river with Neil, alias Gandalf.

I’ve been on the Bridge To Nowhere and I’ve swam in the river. I’ve camped on the river bank and I’ve been very close to tipping the canoe over in big rapids.


Bridge to nowhere.

I’ve been walking on a lot of roads, been homesick and I’ve cried. I’ve struggled in the hot sun and I’ve had wet feet. I’ve been spoiled with a bed for a few nights, a lot of food and I’ve been celebrating New Years with sleeping before midnight. 


View from “my” room in Palmerston North.

Today, I’m having an unplanned day off. I woke up this morning and my body was screaming NOOOOOOOOO! I listened (mostly to my mom who told me to rest when she found out that I was exhausted…).

Tomorrow, I’m off again and when I go to bed after tomorrow’s hike, it’s less than 1500k to go…countdown!!! Hope that’ll refill my motivation and energy, it’s unfortunately very low at the moment. What doesn’t kill you…right!? I can do this, yes I can.


7 thoughts on “Almost halfway through…

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  2. Helena FREEDOMtravel

    Vet inte om min kommentar kom fram? Kolla gärna i skräpkorgen! Provar en gång utan att ange webadress…

    Hej! Jag vill bara säga att jag följer din blogg och är oerhört imponerad av din resa! Vid Bridge to knowwhere har vi förresten också varit, läckert ställe! :)

  3. Paul Berglund

    Jag är uppväxt i Wellington och har bra kontakter där. Behöver du hjälp med nåt får du säga till.
    Med vänlig hälsning,

  4. Pania Parry

    Thinking of you Helena and with you in spirit as much as possible as I look out to the rain and wind today. You’re an absolute star for doing what you’re doing and should be immensely proud for what you’ve done thus far. ‘If’ it happens to get too much, you’ll never be a ‘failure’, but I believe you’ll do it. Listen to your Mum’s advice yeah.

  5. Peter Malm

    Heja heja Helena!

    Du gör ju något helt fantastiskt och du ska veta att det är många som avundas dig i allt elände du bokstavligen “går igenom”….kämpa på o ta ett steg i taget så är du snart framme :-)

    Bamsekram och en liten puss

    /Peter Peak


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