90 mile beach…

Helena   2 November, 2015   9 Comments on 90 mile beach…

Oh well, I haven’t actually walked 90 miles on the 90 mile beach…but still, I’ve done 103 kilometers in 4 days. Or WE have actually, cause I’ve got great company: Rune from Denmark and Bella & Matt from Great Britain. We’re not actually walking together during all days but still, it’s great to know that someone’s around when you’re in your tent in the middle of nowhere.

I don’t know what to say about this beach, except from that it’s looooooong, it’s sandy, it’s windy and the sun is stronger than I ever could imagine.

4 days in on Te Araroa and I’ve already learned a few things about hiking (tramping) and about New Zealand:

  • The sun burnes through both clouds and SPF50.
  • Walking 30 hours on New Zealandish sand may cause REALLY sore muscles.
  • Compeed is good for you.
  • Chocolate is even better.
  • Cold porridge may save your life now and then. 
  • There may not be water around when you actually think it is, always have a plan b (like getting your Danish bodyguard hitchhike with an Indian guy to the nearest village).
  • Salami sandwiches are delicious, especially when you’re having them on a hot, sandy and boring beach.
  • Earplugs. Bring earplugs.
  • Possums get really close to you in your tent at night, but you won’t notice them if you wear earplugs.
  • Never say no to an invite for barbecue, shower and washing machine.
  • Kiwis are probably the best people in the world.

I’m so happy to be here but this f*cking beach was so much harder than I could imagine. I probably never wanna see sand again. Ever.



9 thoughts on “90 mile beach…

  1. Mats

    Looks like you have had a great start.
    Looking forward to following the rest of the journey and hope it will all be as good.
    The first week is always special…

  2. Mamma

    ❤️Min tappra älskade dotter…va rädd om dej och stort lycka till på din fortsatta vandring …tänker på dej/er.Puss o Pippikramar

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